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Connected device that measures temperature instantly.


Simple and Instant

AirComfort Lite is the indoor temperature sensor for you. The product is designed to be as convenient as possible allowing user-friendliness. The battery-operated device is wirelessly connected to your mobile device then notifies you the exact temperature reading instantly on a dedicated app when you’re within the 40 m coverage area. It is made with a food grade plastic material and a graded IP52 for water-resistant and extra durability.

Necessary for comfort and security

Temperature plays a vital role for comfort, and it can also affect your mood. High temperature can cause aggressiveness and irritability while a cold temperature can lead to low moods. The ideal temperature is between 15° to 25°C but this varies on different individuals since there are a lot of factors to consider.

AirComfort Lite can also be used for food storage and pharmaceutical product’s security. Temperature is a contributing factor in deterioration of produced goods. When the temperature is high, it becomes the ideal environment for bacteria to rapidly grow which then causes the goods to be perished.

Pharmaceutical products are very sensitive. It is important to observe the temperature of its storage environment because it affects its lifecycle. A sudden change to the environment can cause the medicine to lose its effect or expedite the expiration.

Monitor your temperature with AirComfort Lite to provide a further protection to your home and health.

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