AirComfort Specifications

AirComfort battery

Button cell CR2450 (changeable); minimum 12 mos. battery life (based on 40 minutes Refresh Rate)

AirComfort size & weight

Dimension: Max Diameter 35.8 mm, height 11; Net weight: Approx. 35g

AirComfort  waterproof rating

AirComfort is not waterproof and has been designed for indoor use.

AirComfort data storage

Up to 100 days (4032 sets) sensing record are stored locally inside AirComfort.

AirComfort bluetooth range

Bluetooth Low energy (BLE) 4.0 with 10 meters (free field) detection range.

AirComfort accuracy of data

  1. Temperature sensor range: -25°C to 45°C, accuracy at 25°C: ±0.5°C

  2. Humidity sensor range: 0% to 100%, accuracy at 70%: ±4.5%