Dashboard+ features

“Dashboard+” is a Web platform that provides a desktop interface with complementary features to the mobile application for SoilQuality and AirComfort, link here. The platform offers:

  • Device List – see your synced sensors/devices, latest measurements, and battery level.

  • Charts – see Temperature, Humidity, EC, and Soil Moisture graphs of your sensors.

  • Map – upload your own floor plan, arrange your sensors, and see latest measurements.

  • CSV Export – download all the history logs of your devices.

  • VPD – see VPD levels of your plants according to their growth stages.

  • Mold & Dew – see the mold susceptibility to prevent growth and spread.

  • THI – see heat stress levels of your plants of farm animals.

  • Hub Timer – schedule on/off control of your Hub device.

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