How to fix connection issues with AirComfort when it is not working anymore?

For your AirComfort device:

  1. Please try to restart your AirComfort device by following these steps:

1.1 Remove cover and battery.

1.2 Wait for 5 seconds

1.3 Put back the battery to the AirComfort device

  1. Check if there’s any visible hardware damage (loose or broken pin, water inside: try to shake the device gently)

On your smartphone:

  1. Ensure wireless communication and Location permissions are both ON.

../../../_images/Bluetooth_Permission_.png ../../../_images/Location_Permission_.png

On the ExoticPet App:

  1. Uninstall then re-install the ExoticPet App.

  2. Temporarily remove the added AirComfort device.

  3. Scan and re-add the AirComfort device.

    Note: Please make sure that the AirComfort device is within the range and that no other devices are paired with it.

  4. After adding the device, drag the screen downwards to refresh data.


There will be a data summary pop-up, and there should be values in ‘Records added via BLE’ and ‘Records pushed to server,’ indicating that the AirComfort device has the most recent data.