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Logs all data and viewed by an intricate algorithm for reading THI data in high accuracy



Maximise your yield
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Dairy Farming
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Decrease in production and fertility are just two of the main effects of heat stress in dairy cattle. The ideal temperature range for dairy cattle is between 25-65°F and anything beyond cattle reduce feed intake and causes a dramatic decrease in milk production from 3-20%.

Track temperature and humidity with AirComfort and sync it to Dashboard+ to see the THI chart showing combined effects of temperature and relative humidity to assess the risk of heat stress.

iBebot Hub's remote monitoring makes it easier for you to track your barn's climate even when you're out and about so long as AirComfort is synced with it.

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Poultry Farming
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"From egg to adult, poultry brooding has numerous temperatures & relative humidity guidelines, AirComfort’s inexpensive to deploy and collect our Poultry Houses daily, weekly and monthly atmospheric outputs."

"With AirComfort synced to one App, data are pushed to the cloud, mapped to our floor plan feature on Dashboard+ where we can avoid threatening microclimates to our brood."

"iBebot Hub's Wi-Fi feature is a great help as well since I don’t need to be in the farm to check the current climate"

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Grain Storage
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"Crops after harvest must be stored in conditions to avoid them perishing or loosing nutrient value. Corn for example, I maintain 13.5% moisture at 70°F with humidity of 65%."

"Having multiple AirComforts synced within one App provides multiple data points ensuring crops are prime to sell against partially or fully degraded. AirComfort synced to iBebot Hub allows remote monitoring of several grain storages data."