air comfort pro


Built for professional inspection.

Aircomfort Pro is the expert digital temperature and humidity sensor targeted for industrial and agriculture uses. It has highly integrated sensors allowing an accurate measurement of the environment along with THI (Temperature Heat Index). Our app logs all the data and is specially designed for viewing the produced data by an intricate algorithm for reading THI, temperature and humidity. With a range of 100 meters for wirelessly connecting the device to your phone, you eliminate the hassle of physically checking the status of your sensors individually.

Essential for quality and safety.

THI is essential in agriculture and live stocks for uncontrolled temperature and humidity have effect on animals and plants heat stress that can cause a compromised quality of produced products. High temperatures can increase the rate of reproductive development for plants which then shortens the time for photosynthesis that contributes in fruit or seed production. While on animals, heat stress affects reproduction, growth performance, milk production, metabolism and other necessary function affecting animal produce.

Aircomfort Pro is devoted for the monitoring of air environment of your agriculture, livestock, poultry and barns to avoid dysfunctionality only ensuring the high-grade quality and safety of your produced goods.

Heavy duty

Aircomfort Pro is for tough usage. It has a protection rating of IP66 for full security against dust particles and waterproofing ensuring a good long-term stability of data. Aircomfort pro can also be selected for different industrial applications such as civil inspection, machine manufacture, environmental protection and metering.

International Awards