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Office HVAC
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AirQuality Pro | Office HVAC

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning can consume up to 40% in monthly bills. Tracking instances can trim unnecessary spending, some cases report extended equipment life, lower servicing costs and improvements to staffing comfort levels.

  • Easy Installation & Cable Free
  • APP & Cloud connected data reporting
  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly Graph Reporting

*AirQuality Pro can be connected to facilities manager’s existing maintenance system through open APIs

hotel room
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Hotel Renovation
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AirQuality Pro | Hotel Renovation

Freshly painted & renovated rooms will contain odours. Remaining are potentially health harming toxins, AirQuality Pro effortlessly tracks & reports these Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which can trigger respiratory irritations & headaches.

  • With facilities managers in mind, its Plug & Play design allows for simple one time set up
  • VOC, PM plus Temperature & Humidity levels all reported in our dedicated Cloud platform
    • Optionally, AirQuality Pro can be configured with Ambient & Sound Sensors

We’ve listened to Maintenance Administrators and simplified ‘Air Quality’ reporting within AirQuality Pro.

*AirQuality Pro can be connected to facilities manager’s existing maintenance system through open APIs

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Infant Sleep Companion
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AirComfort as Infant Sleep Companion

"From birth, Oscar had restless and disruptive nights, desperate to find his Comfort Zone, I learned babies sleep perfectly between 40-60% humidity and temperature of 20-22°C."

"AirComfort has allowed us to understand and alter his room conditions, now he sleeps comfortable at bedtimes."

With iBebot Hub it’s easier for you to monitor the baby room. You can check remotely if the temperature and humidity is still ideal for your baby even if you’re in the kitchen preparing the feeding bottle. Just sync the AirComfort sensor to iBebot Hub through Wi-Fi to check data remotely.

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Leather Storage Buddy
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AirComfort as Leather Storage Buddy

"I noticed growth of mould and fungus on my leather bags, in checking their ideal storage conditions I found storing away from direct sunlight at room temperature of 65°-72°F and around 50-55% humidity would help avoid this."

"AirComfort allows me to set and maintain the ideal conditions inside my wardrobe, now I’ve more reason to collect more leather goods. With iBebot Hub I can still check data remotely making sure the climate in my wardrobe is still perfect even when I’m not at home."

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Wine Cellar Watcher
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AirComfort as Wine Cellar Watcher

"Just one sip of spoiled wine is enough to ruin a night. As an aficionado I maintain my cellar in its ideal environment, which is a temperature of 55°F and relative humidity of 60-65%."

"AirComfort notifies on my smartphone if conditions change, now I enjoy wine at its prime every night. Along with iBebot Hub, I can monitor the condition inside the wine cellar from time to time even if I'm on holidays"

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Medicine Keeping Partner
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AirComfort as Medicine Keeping Partner

"In pharmacies, storage temperatures apply to all types of drugs so it could be freezing, refrigeration, cool and ambient but should never be above 25° C with relative humidity no greater than 65%."

"AirComfort’s App allows me to set a maximum threshold of temperature and humidity. I can even export up to 100 days of data into Excel so I can be sure that the efficacy of stored medicines are intact. With iBebot Hub installed in the pharmacy, I can see if the storage that AirComfort is tracking is still in perfect condition even if I’m outside the building."