Connected waterproof device that measures the nutrient level, humidity and light intensity

SoilQuality is a soil sensor that is neatly designed, easy-to-use and efficient. The sensor is water-resistant which has a main tube-shape case encapsulating the main sensor or the detection head that can be sticked into soil from 5cm to 15cm range of depth. Inside the removable cap is a changeable 3A battery.

It is easy-to-use, simply stick it in the soil of any pot size for it to start measuring the nutrient level and humidity of the soil whereas the detachable light sensor on top of the cap connected by wire can be moved freely for light detection.

SoilQuality is efficient for growers since it is connected to an app that provides the gathered data from the sensor in graphical views and notifies user when any factor is above or below the set threshold.

With these, growers will be able to avoid foliar and root diseases, determine the suitable proportions of nutrients for fertility, manipulate light intensity for photosynthesis and have a precise control of soil moisture for higher yields.

soil quality

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