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The science of plants
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Seed Stage
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"Without the so-called green thumb, even germinating tomato seeds is a tough job for me. Learning the seed stage of a tomato plant, temperature must be 20-24°C with humidity ranging from 50-60% in order to germinate."

"In Growers App, using AirComfort sensor I can manually set the temperature and humidity ideal for tomato’s seed stage and see on the App if conditions exceed set thresholds. Aside from that I can also track the soil moisture and EC level using SoilQuality sensor. I’m not at home all the time so iBebot Hub makes it easy for me to still monitor the AirComfort & SoilQuality data using my mobile phone. I'm not a pro when it comes to growing so I make sure to log all the actions I did and with Plant Diary, recording has never been this fun."

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Vegetative Stage
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A pepper’s ideal temperature is 18-21°C with humidity between 80-90%. Soil quality also affects how peppers absorb water and nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a 20-20-20 balanced blend.

SoilQuality appears within our Growers App, collecting soil moisture & nutrient levels and when paired with AirComfort monitoring ideal temperature & humidity plus the iBebot Hub making remote monitoring possible, you’re all set! If you want to record your vegetative stage growing recipe then Plant Diary is the perfect add-on.

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Harvest Stage
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"Before AirComfort harvesting Chili was challenging, often rotting roots, mildew and low blossoming, which is caused mostly by high humidity and unstable temperature control."

"AirComfort’s graphs help me spot trends by looking at daily, weekly and monthly reporting. Also, the Growers App can connect up to 32 AirComforts which is very convenient for me because I have several grow rooms for different plants. Working together with SoilQuality providing graphs for soil moisture and EC level on same App and both synced to iBebot Hub making data available via Wi-Fi, I’m certainly off to a good harvest."