Getting started with Indoor Growing

Temperature is involved in all stages of a plant’s growth. Humidity is as salient as temperature when you grow indoors. With AirComfort tracking both temperature and humidity you can make sure your indoor growing is a success.
Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash

Not everyone has a green thumb, not to mention enough space to grow plants if you live in the city. Yet, in one way or another people still want to grow their own. It may be the old but gold pothos houseplants to warm the room or even tomato to pair with eggs for breakfast.

Growing is not just all about liking the idea, growing is serious. There are varied factors one must consider, growing better.


When you start growing indoors you must consider how much space you have in relation to what you want to grow. For tomato gardening, a windowsill or a table will do. If you want to grow plenty with a limited space, you can consider getting shelves. Grow tents are best if you want to create an optimal growing environment indoors.


Plants need light – that is no brainer. Without it, plants will not get the energy they need through photosynthesis and when their energy reserve is depleted – you know what is next to that.

If your space does not give you enough sunlight for your plants to thrive, there are several grow lights available in the market which can help you mimic the growth you would get if you grew in a greenhouse or outdoors. Full-spectrum bulbs produce a balance of cool and warm light best for growing indoors.

For growing tomatoes, they just love to be in the sun so they must be placed in the brightest part of your house like in a sunny window. Give it an 8-hour direct sunlight indoors each day or 16 hours if you are using artificial light.


This is one of the key factors in a plant’s growth and development. Temperature is involved in all stages of a plant’s growth. Too high or too low depending on what your plant needs in the stage will affect growth and crop yields.

Even germinating tomato seeds can be a struggle for some. Learning the seed stage of a tomato plant, temperature must be 20-24°C. At ibebot we take pride in AirComfort to be your best partner in growing. Through Growers App you can set the minimum and maximum value of the temperature best for its growth stage.


Humidity is as salient as temperature when you grow indoors. It affects the transpiration from the leaves. If the humidity level is not appropriate for your plants, especially on seeding stage, pests and diseases are going to be a big hurdle.

Controlled humidity is essential in a plant’s growth as you will notice your plants wilting or leaves turning yellow when humidity is too low.

As for tomatoes in their very delicate germination stage, humidity must range from 50-60% which you can track on an App when you use AirComfort. As your plants go through distinct stages, you can set the appropriate humidity value.

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If all the above have been taken care of properly for your indoor growing, then there is no harm adding a gentle touch or singing a sweet lullaby to your growing plants.

Happy growing!