Mealworm Farming with AirComfort & Hub

"AirComfort and Hub have really changed the way that I do farming. They’ve allowed me to more accurately monitor the conditions that I have here on the farm. That has meant that I can now get a better gauge on things like seasonal fluctuations" - Emily

Mealworms are typically used as pet food for reptiles, fish or bird and used as fishing bait. They are safe for human consumption and an excellent source of protein with smaller carbon footprint than conventional livestock. Mealworm farming is a gamechanger for the environment and the economy.

Emily, the owner-operator of Insectivore Farm - locally owned and operated, urban edible insect farm based in Canterbury, New Zealand is a frontrunner on mealworm farming. She’s been using AirComfort & Hub for her farm and shared how the iBebot solution helped her in her journey to inspire people making ethically conscious food choice.

"Humidity is something I need to monitor closely because it fixes the quality and productivity of my farm. I can maintain optimal growing conditions much more constantly and the accuracy of the AirComfort monitor is something that I really appreciate."

With AirComfort, you can set the min and max value of both humidity and temperature and on the App, you can see if the values are below or beyond the proper range for your mealworm farm. If you need several AirComfort, you can sync as many AirComfort devices as you want and track them on one App.

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Her background in Biology has given her the skills to persevere on the journey of discovery that has been setting up Insectivore Farm. This means she has used various tools in the past for her mealworm farm, but she always must come and manually check them. Using iBebot Hub made her data monitoring tasks easier than ever.

"The Hub also gives me the ability to turn on and off things like either the dehumidifier or humidifier depending on what the conditions are like so whether it’s too dry or too wet."

The iBebot Hub allows you to plug in another appliance so you can control the power switch and use it when just when you need it.

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"The connectivity between the sensor (AirComfort) and the Hub means that I can remotely access all information as well. That has been a huge help for me ‘coz I don’t live on my farm now. It saves me a lot of time to come back & forth to check if the conditions are operating as they should be."

She also shared some tips on the conditions ideal for mealworm farming.

  • Temperature is ideally around 25-35°C and humidity must be around 50-70% or else they would start eating each other
  • You can use moistened sponge or open container for additional moisture and other devices to regulate the environment like humidifier, dehumidifier, and heat pump

"So, all in all, just being able to keep an eye on things from a distance and knowing that the information I'm getting is accurate has just been such a big shift for me. This has given me a little more confidence in terms of how things are operating, and it also keeps me informed of my farming practices. Now I know what my issues are, and I can jump on them early before they become a problem and I end up getting issues on fungal growth. It’s been helpful to get more data. Data is always good and obviously the App is straightforward to use and the display, the graphs that it uses to show are easy to follow and understand."

Emily is definitely happy mealworm farming with iBebot!